The Board of Directors of the Astoria Symphony Orchestra feels that music education is critical to the development of young people, musicians, and audiences of all ages. We offer various programs to increase the love and awareness of great music in children, adults, and musicians of all ages.

Meet the Maestro


Some events feature a "Meet the Maestro" pre-concert chat. Learn about the composers, the music, life as a professional orchestra musician or singer, and ask any question you want of our Maestro. The chats are free and open to the public, beginning 30 minutes before the concert.

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School Visits and Music Lessons


Astoria Symphony Orchestra musicians frequently visit schools and work with student msuicians - in sorchestra, one-on-one, or in side-by-side performances. The contact between student musicians and professional musicians is critical to the education and development of young musicians.


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Free for kids!

Most concerts and events we offer are free for kids. Any child under 18 years old can attend any concert by the Astoria Symphony Orchestra, Astoria Symphonic Choir, Lost Doog New Music Ensemble, and special guest performances for free. Bring your kids for a new musical experience.


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